Director Of the Firm

Mr. Ch Muhammad Naeem is a senior advocate of supreme court. He is a director of NAEEM LAW ASSOCIATES (NLA). NLA established since 1982, Mr Naeem is a creator of this firm. He always has been considered to be the most talented and extremely hard working lawyer. His repute in lawyers community is very good and positive. Because of such a good repute, he also has been selected as the president of Lahore Bar Association in 2005-06. He personally handles important court cases in High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. He has extensively traveled abroad, and has attended many International Conferences relating on Law Matters and there the suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. There is long list of reported judgments of the represented cases in his credit. He is legal advisor of various Trade/Business Associations. He is associated with leading Law Firms, world-wide.


Aim Of The Firm

The main aim for the establishment of the N.L.A is to provide the justice to the people. N.L.A focuses on the rule of law, which is the main successive figure of any country. The lawyers team of N.L.A worked with Mr. Naeem and the supervision of Mr Naeem. Our team possessed a very dedicated and hard work members, who are always focused about their work and cases. N.L.A every time available for their clients to discuss the issues or progressions related to their cases. We listen carefully to our clients to understand their particular needs and circumstances. Our experience proves that knowing a client’s needs and objectives is the key to delivering excellent cost-effective results. New associates get many opportunities to work under the supervision of senior lawyers.

Every part of our practice is client-focused. We established our unique Client Team Program to ensure that we deliver exemplary service at every level and that the relationships we share with our clients remain strong and mutually beneficial. Client teams are interdisciplinary and often span the globe. The firm’s team comprises of professionals including lawyers, technical experts, chartered accountants and industry specific consultants, with hands on industry experience that gives us the ability to innovate the most enviable practical legal solutions to clients’ needs. In recognition of the increasingly multinational character of today’s commercial transactions, we have actively, over the years, worked towards maintaining successful relationships with foreign associates, law firms as well as key international professional organizations. They augment the firm’s expertise and abilities in handling work and issues having a multi-national impact.