Director Of the Firm


Our senior Mr. Naeem is expert in administrative law. In present era the demand of administrative law is increasing day by day, for establishing just and proper administrative machinery under a modern system of government. MR Naeem akso attends the national and international conferences and give the lectures on administrative law to the administrators



Arbitration is an alternative means of setttling a dispute by impartial persons without proceeding to a court trial. It is sometimes preferred as a means of settling a matter in ordert to avoid the expense, delay, and acrimony of litigation. There is no discovery and there are simplified rules of evidence in arbitration. The arbitrator or arbitrators are selected directly by the parties or are chosen in accordance with the terms of a contract in which the parties have agreed to use a court-ordered arbitrator or an arbitrator from the Arbitration Association.


Banking and Finance

We deal in establishment, incorporation and share capital in Banking Companies, Cooperative Banks and Financial Institutions, Transactions of Banking Business, Suspension of Business and Winding up of Banking Business, Recovery of Loans, Mortgage Matters, Landlord & Tenant, Debtor & Creditor, Contracts, Bankruptcy, Bank Secrecy Matters and Negotiable Instruments etc.



Business law is the general field of law relating to business organizations, business structures, and business transactions. Also included in the business law field are issues related to real estate, tax, and the environment. Business law may include issues such as starting, selling ,or buying a small business, managing a business, dealing with employees, or dealing with contracts, among others. NLA helps its clients in any kind of business issue and also give a fair and useful advise


Commercial law

Our lawyers provide responsive, clear and strategic commercial advice delivered in a way that can efficiently be used within your business. We focus on commercial solutions which protect you against key risks and deliver you the agreed outcome.

Our Corporate and Commercial Law Department has extensive experience in domestic and international joint-ventures, documentary sales, negotiating, drafting and reviewing international contracts, developing expertise in every major industry, including financial institutions, consumer goods, telecommunications, as well as in cross-bordertransactions and investments, offering expert advice in developing sophisticated and optimal structures.


Employment & Labour

Labor and employment issues often call for fast action, and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and can-do attitude.

Our team of experienced attorneys counsels clients on every facet of the employer-employee relationship. Our work includes advising on the individual and collective employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions; executive remuneration and related regulatory and disclosure obligations; service contracts and related documents; confidentiality and restrictive covenants; individual and group severance arrangements; contracting out of services.


Environmental Law

The environmental law in NLA provide pre-emptive, practical and technical legal advice on compliance with the complex and detailed Environmental Law and Regulations and how to avoid liability in relation to contaminated land issues.

Our criminal lawyers have substantial expertise in defending prosecutions, following alleged breaches of the Environmental legislation.


Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property team provides comprehensive advice and sophisticated services on a wide range of intellectual property and technology matters, including intellectual property litigations, infringement and validity analyses, licensing, intellectual property portfolio development, intellectual property due diligence and intellectual property issues arising in corporate and financial transactions, internet and new media issues.



The attorneys of NLA is also providing the services of immigration law to its clients. We have very able and competent lawyers of immigration law.The Need of immigration is because every nation maintains its own set of regulations regarding the entry of individuals from other countries.


We deal in establishment, incorporation and share capital in Banking companies, cooperative banks and financial Institutions, Transaction of Banking business, suspension of Business and winding up of banking business, recovery of loans, Mortgage matters, Landlord and tenant, Debtor and creditor, contracts, Bnakruptcy, Secrecy matters and Negotiable instrument etc.



Very few firms can match the length and breadth of our expirence in criminal law. Like other criminal Firms murder, personal injury, Theft, armed robbery, corruption, sexual offences and assault are a part of our staple diet. Firm partners regularly address seminars and conferences at the national and international level, to keep there knowledge up to date.



NLA provide valuable advice and assistance you in drafting business plans, fundamental business formation (including joint ventures, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations) and structuring financing provisions. The most successful companies not only start out with quality financial guidance, but also start with proper legal counsel from a qualified corporate law attorney.



We also provide the services of all civil cases to our clients. NLA has very competent attorneys who well known civil law. We are speacialist in MARRIAGE Divorce, Maintance, Dower, Article of dowry Contract, Partnership, Specific Relief, Rent, Mortgage, Land Laws ETC.


Real Estate

Our real estate team has a significant experience in a variety of sophisticated matters regarding real estate development, financing, investment, acquisition, ownership, land use and environmental, workout transactions and leasing.


Partnership Agreement

If you are already operating a business in a partnership, or you intend to do so it is crucial that the agreement between the business partners is set out in a formal partnership agreement. At NLA we can help you to avoid future partnership disputes and ensure that your partnership agreement is properly recorded.

NLA provides a comprehensive service for people in need of legal advice. whatever legal service you require, we have a specialist solicitor or lawyer who can help.


Residential Property

When you have decided to sell or buy a property, the last thing you need is a lot of complicated legal jargon to confuse you. Our firm tea will keep you advised about developments in your transaction every step of the way and to explain the legalities to you in a plain and understandable manner.

We offer a friendly, professional service, and we can guarantee that one person will deal with your transaction from your initial instructions to completion of your purchase rather than you being passed along a so called 'convincing conveyor belt'.